Got vitamin D?

Science says vitamin D may be one of the most powerful immune-system boosters & cancer-fighters we have Read More

Tanning Beds & Sunshine

Sunshine sustains a healthy planet, and there are many similarities between the sun and tanning beds Read More

Tan Responsibly

Responsible tanning is at the core of everything we do – we love the sun & enjoy its rays responsibly Read More

BRONZE WITHOUT BORDERS - Tanning Membership Benefits

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Franchise Opportunities

We don’t just have customers – we have fans, a core group of followers who enjoy the experiences, camaraderie, and high-class tanning services Tan Republic provides. If you’re looking to join more than just another tanning company, Tan Republic is the answer – we’re more than just a name, we’re an addictive tanning cult!

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Pura Sunless

Pura UV-Free Spray Tan WHY BE COLD IF YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE? Being cold and wet used to be..

High Pressure Tanning

We offer precision engineered European high-pressure tanning beds to meet your indoor sunshine needs & boost your vitamin D

Vitamin D Info

Vitamin D is one of the body’s most powerful immune system allies and the best way to get it is through sun exposure


VersaSpa combines innovation after innovation to transform your skin in just minutes – bronze, hydrate, and smooth fine lines

Bronze Without Borders

Membership at Tan Republic gets you access to all TR locations, special pricing and discounts, and much more

Mystic Tan

Mystic Tan is the original sunless spray tan popularized by hollywood stars because of the instant, lasting rich color


Kardashians Having Wonderful Time on Their Vacation in St. Barts

We all love going on vacations and spending a lot of time having fun while we are there. The Kardashians are no different as they, like most of us, love having a good time while they are on their vacation, as we can see from the photos captured while they were visiting St. Barts back in August. It seems that Kendall is into extreme sports, as it is not... read more

Rihanna Shows off Her Smoldering Body While Feeding a Baby Monkey

We all know that having fun is extremely important in order to have a long and fulfilling life, and according to some pictures, Rihanna (27) has learned this lesson very well. She has never been the most modest girl in the house, and she was spotted sunbathing near a swimming pool, accompanied by a small monkey. While the origin of her furry friend (we’re talking about her monkey, not... read more

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