Got vitamin D?

Science says vitamin D may be one of the most powerful immune-system boosters & cancer-fighters we have

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Tanning Beds & Sunshine

Sunshine sustains a healthy planet, and there are many similarities between the sun and tanning beds

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Tan Responsibly

Responsible tanning is at the core of everything we do – we love the sun & enjoy its rays responsibly

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Pura Sunless

Pura UV-Free Spray Tan WHY BE COLD IF YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE? Being cold and wet used to be..

High Pressure Tanning

We offer precision engineered European high-pressure tanning beds to meet your indoor sunshine needs & boost your vitamin D

Vitamin D Info

Vitamin D is one of the body’s most powerful immune system allies and the best way to get it is through sun exposure


VersaSpa combines innovation after innovation to transform your skin in just minutes – bronze, hydrate, and smooth fine lines

Bronze Without Borders

Membership at Tan Republic gets you access to all TR locations, special pricing and discounts, and much more

Mystic Tan

Mystic Tan is the original sunless spray tan popularized by hollywood stars because of the instant, lasting rich color

Vitamin D – the Importance of Daily Dosing

  Vitamin D is extremely important to the body’s overall health, as you probably already know if you have been around Tan Republic for long! The best way to get it, is to produce it naturally, via moderate sun exposure. Supplementation is another way. Ultimately, though, you will want to get vitamin D on a regular basis, as new studies are showing the importance of daily dosing for improved long-term health. The following excerpt is from What has not been appreciated until relatively recently is that in addition to being delivered to the liver for conversion to 25(OH)D, vitamin D is also delivered directly to all tissues of the body. Many of these tissues, such as breast, colon, prostate, and brain, can convert vitamin D to its active form within the tissue. It is through this process that vitamin D can help enable the cells to fight against infections, disease, and autoimmune disorders. Vitamin D has a half life in the autocrine system of roughly 24 hours, so in order for it to have a meaningful impact on cellular functions, you need a new supply of it every day. This new understanding means that frequency of dosing matters when testing for disease reduction and immune control – large monthly or quarterly doses that are effective for bone health will not show positive results for disease reduction. For disease prevention and treatment, daily dosing (food, sun, supplement) is very important!    For example, without daily dosing, breast feeding mothers could have 50-60 ng/ml of measurable 25(OH)D in their blood but no measurable vitamin D3 in their breast milk. After... read more

Tan until 2016 for $99

OUR COOL SOLUTION TO BEAT THE HEAT It’s going to be baking hot outside this weekend. And you’ve seen this before. The kind of hot that, instead of getting your usual at Starbucks, you order a cup of ice. Grande. Nothing but ice. This kind of heat wave puts even the most devout sun-worshipper to the test. You love the sun, but you’re not a sand gecko. You have limits. And we’re here to help. No, this isn’t the part where we announce Tan Republic is now offering free snow cones to all Bronze Without Borders members (sorry bout that – we had some clever flavor ideas, but the big boss still said no). But what we do have to offer is your ticket to a perfect, even tan – without the outdoor tan lines. Because unlike the ancient Greeks, you probably don’t get to play outside in the buff anymore…which means some parts of you get kissed by the sun, and some parts of you probably still glow whiter than the moon! So whether you want to build your base tan before a weekend holiday, or you simply want to look like you went on a weekend holiday (despite having worked overtime in the office…), we have UV tanning and sunless spray tanning to give you the gorgeous color you’re looking for. But summer will be gone before you know it, and on those dark cold November days, you’ll be longing for a glimmer of sunshine to warm your chilled bones (which, we have to admit, actually sounds refreshing right now!). So we’re offering the best of both... read more

Celebrate Freedom – Bronze Without Borders

The 4th of July is a holiday to celebrate Freedom and Independence. And while you’re celebrating this great country that we live in, remember that you also don’t have to be constrained by tanning salon limitations! At Tan Republic, we offer you the largest network of tanning salons in the area stretching from Lacey, Washington through Vancouver and Portland, and all the way down the Willamette Valley spread across Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, all the way to Grants Pass and Ashland! We also have a new salon location in Klamath Falls. And while we’re not quite from sea to shining sea, we do have locations at the Oregon Coast in Newport and Lincoln City, and all the way across the state of Oregon to the Bend and Redmond areas. What all these locations have in common is a single shared membership, Bronze Without Borders. Even the name is a reminder of the freedom that you have with Tan Republic, able to tan at any location across the region without hassle. MEMBER BENEFITS – Discounted monthly dues – 1/2 off upgrades – 1/2 off Spray tans – Member only specials – 1/2 off lotion at sign up – Can tan at any location at anytime – And of course we treat you like a VIP, or what we like to call a VIT – Very Important Tanner! Ask your salon associate how you can sign up for the Bronze Without Borders EFT membership program today and, enjoy the 4th of July weekend with stimulating tan before you head out to celebrate FREEDOM!... read more
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