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Where We Are
We are conveniently located on west Baseline Road, just west of Cornelius Pass Road.

What's Nearby
Since tanning feels so great the urge to tan can often strike at any moment – so, in case you’re at any of these nearby hotspots, keep us in mind because your perfect tan is just moments away! We’re close to the Albertsons, US Bank and Parklane Mattresses. When you’re in the area, stop in to see our state of the art amenities and for optimal relaxation and a perfect tan.

Location Services
Our Hillsboro Tan Republic is proud to offer a variety of services to satisfy your needs. We offer packages and memberships that allow you to pick and choose exactly which sunbed, booth or skin therapy treatment you’re looking for, and our friendly helpful sales associates will help you decide exactly what you need.  Once inside our doors, you’ll find yourself in one of the more superior salons you’ve ever seen, with state of the art equipment and art displayed on the walls. The ambiance is simply the first luxurious step toward total relaxation and a blissful, lasting tan.


For our most discriminating guests, we proudly feature the finest in High Pressure tanning from prestigious European sunbed manufacturers SunErgoline, Sun Italia, ISO Italia, Sportarredo, and Miracle Sun. These sunbeds are a wonderful source of Vitamin D3, and allow you to achieve your recommended dosage, along with optimum aesthetic results, in only a few short 10-12 minute sessions per month.

Our Hillsboro location offers both stand up and lie down options for your tanning convenience at the diamond and platinum level, and lie down sunbeds on the gold and silver level.

Typically considered as the premium offering by smaller chains in the region, our mid-level sunbeds are carefully selected from a small handful of European manufacturers, notably SunErgoline, UWE, KBL, and Sportarredo. Each features high-pressure facials, along with 140 watt to 160 watt body lamps, and many also feature high pressure lamps throughout the canopy. These spacious sunbeds deliver a fabulous all-over tan, along with delivering necessary Vitamin D3, all within in a 12 minute capsule.

Generally considered our entry level beds,  we are pleased to present KBL, SunErgoline, Heartland, and Sportarredo equipment for that savvy connoisseur who enjoys the finer things in life while fitting everything into a budget that will keep even the most price-conscious consumer smiling. Each of these sunbeds feature high pressure facial units to stimulate more melanin in those tough-to-tan areas, while also affording the latest in protective technology. While thrifty on cost, these machines are not short on performance, and generally get our guests in and out within 15 minutes.

We are proud to offer economy sunbeds for those guests for whom price is a key consideration. These low-frills sunbeds, produced by stalwart manufacturers SunErgoline and Tan America, provide dynamic all-over results in an enjoyably relaxing, 20 minute environment.

Believe Red Light Therapy
Our Hillsboro location offers Believe Red Light Therapy, an incredible tool to help you recapture that youthful look, with its collagen-building, phototherapy treatment for the entire body.

FIT BodyWrap
The FIT BodyWrap is the only dual action infrared heat wrap on the market that efficiently reduces body fat while simultaneously improving the appearance of the skin. The science behind this great service utilizes infrared light, in combination with heat, to increase circulation, boost metabolism and rid the body of toxins.

The FIT Bodywrap burns up to 1,000 calories in each one hour session, while you comfortably relax and read a book, watch a movie, or surf the web. The infrared light also helps with joint and lower back pain, reduces the appearance of cellulite and improves skin elasticity.

Hydration Station
The Hydration Station gently blankets your body with invigorating steam which has been infused with hand-selected essential vitamins and minerals, while incorporating gentle vibration for optimal comfort. The Hydration Station restores depleted nutrients back into the skin, rejuvenating your body in an amazingly relaxed environment.

Studies have shown that hydration therapy effectively restores essential minerals and fluids back into the body and is tremendously effective in recovery from overexertion and an array of illnesses such as the flu or common cold.

Sunless Solutions
Pura Sunless Spray Tan
Custom Airbrush Spray

Beauty & Skincare
Maximize your results with indoor lotions. Tan Republic’s choice of indoor tanning lotions are bio-engineered to maximize the results of your tanning visit while increasing the quality of your tan. Moist, nourished skin tans best. Indoor tanning lotions are designed to supply your skin with the essential nutrients necessary to develop, maintain and prolong a tan. These special ingredients also moisturize your skin to keep it looking young and healthy.

Our Products:

    Save you time: Moisturized skin tans more quickly.
    Save you money: You get better tanning results in fewer sessions.
    Save your skin: Moisturized skin is healthier and stays tan longer.

We strongly recommend the use of indoor tanning lotions to maximize the enjoyment of your tanning experience. Tan Republic realizes the importance of lotions in ensuring you get the best tanning results possible. We’ve selected the very best lotions in the industry to compliment your tanning experience:

Designer Skin – “Nutrition for the Skin”
California Tan – “The Sexy Side of Science”
Australian Gold – “For the Tan of Your Life and the Life of Your Tan®”
Swedish Beauty – “It is eco-chic for the globally glam™”



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