Tan Republic Hillsboro

Tan Republic Hillsboro


Tan Republic
7410 West Baseline Rd. Hillsboro, Oregon
Phone: 503-848-0356

Where We Are

We are conveniently located on west Baseline Road, just west of Cornelius Pass Road.

What's Nearby

Since tanning feels so great the urge to tan can often strike at any moment – so, in case you’re at any of these nearby hotspots, keep us in mind because your perfect tan is just moments away! We’re close to the Albertsons, US Bank and Parklane Mattresses. When you’re in the area, stop in to see our state of the art amenities and for optimal relaxation and a perfect tan.

Tanning Services

UV tanning, sunless spray tanning

Tanning Beds

Ergoline sunbeds

Tanning Lotions

Maximize your results with indoor lotions. Tan Republic’s choice of indoor tanning lotions are bio-engineered to maximize the results of your tanning visit while increasing the quality of your tan. Moist, nourished skin tans best. Indoor tanning lotions are designed to supply your skin with the essential nutrients necessary to develop, maintain and prolong a tan. These special ingredients also moisturize your skin to keep it looking young and healthy.Our Products:

      Save you time: Moisturized skin tans more quickly.
      Save you money: You get better tanning results in fewer sessions.
    Save your skin: Moisturized skin is healthier and stays tan longer.

We strongly recommend the use of indoor tanning lotions to maximize the enjoyment of your tanning experience. Tan Republic realizes the importance of lotions in ensuring you get the best tanning results possible. We’ve selected the very best lotions in the industry to compliment your tanning experience:

Designer Skin - “Nutrition for the Skin”
California Tan - “The Sexy Side of Science”
Australian Gold - ”For the Tan of Your Life and the Life of Your Tan®”
Swedish Beauty - “It is eco-chic for the globally glam™”